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SNAP Challenge: “What the hell are you trying to prove?”

In the past three weeks, I have eaten things that were not quite ready for the trash can and found ways to appreciate them. Before this, I often let produce go bad in my fridge because I forgot I had it. No more. Pin It

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SNAP Challenge: Day 3 Ruminations, by Jan-Michael

His PerspectiveA few people have asked us online about our rules and the reality of this challenge. In truth, any of these types of challenges (live among the homeless for a week, etc) are not realistic because we KNOW they will end. We also do know that we have the money we would need if […]

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SNAP Challenge: Meet Jan-Michael

Food plays a big part in ending homelessness. Escaping homelessness requires setting goals, holding down a job, being healthy – and you can’t do that or be that without knowing where your next meal is coming from and having that meal be healthy. Pin It

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