Responsive Services

Through our many programs, the Center is able to stay focused on eliminating the barriers that keep our clients from becoming self-sustaining. The Center is responsive on multiple fronts and is able to help clients in ways that many agencies around the city cannot. Following are services we provided in the Center’s 2016 Fiscal Year, which began September 1, 2015 and ended August 31, 2016.

Utility AssistanceCathy P Responsive Services
The Center helped provided energy assistance to 184 families including more than 1,200 children. We placed $38,150 of Fuel Fund credits.

Eviction Prevention
The Center kept 74 families and individuals in their homes, including 500 children.

Prescription Assistance
The Center helped 114 people receive life-sustaining medical prescriptions that they would not otherwise have been able to afford.

Dental Assistance
In partnership with Total Health Care, the Center offers preventative and restorative dental care to our guests.62 individuals received cleanings, fillings, extractions, root canals and dental crowns.

Vitals Assistance
The Center helped 437 people obtain their state issued birth certificates, and 641 individuals acquire their MVA issued identification cards.  Without these items, a person cannot enroll in any government or community programs that offer access to housing, food and financial assistance. The Center is a leader in the city for this service and receives many referrals from outside agencies to fulfill this absolutely critical need.

Transportation Assistance
The Center assisted individuals with 475 tokens for transportation to and from medical appointments, job interviews, the first week or two of a new job, and home from the Center with bags of groceries from the Center’s pantry.

Mary Lacy Childrens LibraryMary Lacy Fetting Children’s Library
This space on the second floor of the Franciscan Center offers a bright area for children to read, draw, or play games. All of the books are donated and we encourage children to take home as many was they want. The Franciscan Center wants families to start libraries of their own and encourages reading at home. An average of 25-30 families and children visit each week.

Health Care
The Baltimore City Health Department screened 760 adults for HIV/AIDs and Oral Cancer at the Center. Chesapeake Urology screened 35 men for prostate cancer and Omni Eye Clinic tested more than 20 individuals for glaucoma. Healthcare for the Homeless provided primary healthcare services at the Center through their mobile unit twice a month.
Secure Mail Service
During the course of a year, 314 individuals received their mail at the Franciscan Center. This is a critical service for persons who are homeless, in shelters, or living in unsafe neighborhoods that are crime and drug ridden.

Counseling Services
Our responsive services staff provided 606 counseling-only sessions to Franciscan Center guests. This does not include the total number of counseling sessions that involved financial assistance. These services assist our guests in making life changes that will lead them out of crisis and toward a better future.