Business Suit

Every choice we make is like a drop of water in a crystal pond. The ripples emulate out from those choices and although we can sometimes see the effect they have, often it is impossible to measure the value and change we can be effecting in the lives around us.

Living intentional can be the most beautiful legacy we can leave in our wakes.

Ken Mack worked for two decades as a recruiter. He owned his own firm for much of that time, and according to his son, he focused on helping people who were disadvantaged that came to see him. He worked with non-American applicants as well as English as second language clients. In the 70’s this wasn’t especially common.  His heart and intentions were clear.

Mr. Mack lived a life that had a ripple effect of positive changes in the lives of those around him. He was dedicated to the youth of our community, where he was president of the local swim club, the Lions Club and a Scout Master for both a Cub Scout pack and a Boy Scout Troop. He also was a certified umpire at his son’s childhood games; showing integrity even then, by always calling the game as he saw it.

His touch has sent wave after wave of positive changes in those around him. Raising a family with four children and being married for just short of 55 years, his was a life of dedication, which lives on through his family now that he has passed.

It is no wonder that his son, also named Ken Mack, found the Center through Baltimore Fashion Alliances’ Christopher Schafer. Recently Christopher dropped off just under a dozen suits for Attire 4 Hire, a program dedicated to outfitting men from our community in work and job interview appropriate clothing.

With the donation of those suits Ken Mack’s ripples are still stretching out within our community and his dedication to helping the disadvantaged find jobs continues. Outfitting clients from the Franciscan Center in a suit does more than just give him clothing to wear to a job interview: it works to empower and embolden that person, giving them that added advantage needed to boost needed confidence within the work environment.

And, as our clients find jobs, and begin building sustainable lives, they are increasing the ripple, teaching those around them how to better improve themselves.

Ken Mack’s son stated that his father was a confidant and cheerleader for his wife and children until the end. And now he is a silent cheerleader to those who come to the Franciscan Center and find the empowerment they needed through Attire 4 Hire.

Our thanks to the Mack family for sharing this story about the man they love dearly.

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