The Franciscan Center

The many services and programs the Franciscan Center offers can be broken down into three areas– Empowerment Services,  Food Services, and Responsive Services.

The Franciscan Center is a 501(c)3 organization that provides emergency assistance and supportive outreach to persons who are economically disadvantaged in an effort to assist them in realizing their self-worth and dignity as people of God.

Services include a hot lunch program (feeding roughly 400-600 people daily), a pantry program, and a clothing and toiletry program. The Center also has a Technology Resource Center that provides clients with Internet access and opportunities to learn computer skills, basic financial knowledge, and resume building. The ‘Attire 4 Hire’ program at the Center provides free professional clothing to men who need a suit for a job interview, graduation ceremony, or other important life event.

The Center also assists with prescriptions, transportation, utility bills, obtaining birth certificates or Maryland IDs, and eviction prevention. Additionally, the Center provides testing for HIV/AIDS and oral cancer, secure mail service, referral and counseling services, and access to phones.

Through our many programs, the Center is able to stay focused on eliminating the barriers that keep our clients from becoming self-sustaining.