People we Serve

The Franciscan Center has a 47-year history of serving the financially disenfranchised, the sick and those most in need. During our last fiscal year, we:

  • Served 102,395 hot, nutritious meals. 
  • Distributed 6,424 bags of groceries to clients.
  • Provided 63,240 articles of clothing to men, women, and children.
  • Outfitted 159 men in professional clothing through Attire 4 Hire program
  • Assisted 259 individuals and families from either having their gas and electric shut off or in getting service restored.
  • Prevented 217 individuals and families from being evicted.
  • Helped 99 people receive life sustaining medical prescriptions that they would not otherwise been able to afford.
  • Helped 454 people obtain their state issued birth certificates and 399 individuals acquire their MVA issued identification cards.
  • Assisted individuals with 529 tokens for transportation to and from medical appointments, job interviews, the first week or two of a new job, and home from the Center with bags of groceries from the Center’s pantry.
  • The Center’s Technical Resource Center is equipped with 14 computers and was accessed by clients 3,418 times for various reasons related to professional development.
  • 314 individuals received their mail at the Center.
  • Provided 751 counseling-only sessions to clients.
* Because of the circumstances of many we serve, these numbers represent services provided rather than a count of unique individuals served.