Jan-Michael Sacharko

Jan-Michael Sacharko, A-SPAN.org

This is Jan from A-SPAN (Should be easy to remember). Like Heather, I work to raise awareness and funding for a population at risk: the homeless of Arlington, Virgina. An anonymous sage shared with me that “homelessness isn’t a genetic disease or something you can catch, but it CAN be a death sentence if not treated soon enough.”

Food plays a big part in ending homelessness. Escaping homelessness requires setting goals, holding down a job, being healthy – and you can’t do that or be that without knowing where your next meal is coming from and having that meal be healthy.

So I will do this $30 a week challenge with Heather to support her and share a bit what I experience. I’m keeping track of money spent, calorie intake, and my weight. Like Heather I’ll have some rules.


  1. $30 a week for food and beverage
  2. Grocery store must be within 1.5 miles
  3. Cut coupons as obtainable
  4. Open to use the Franciscan Program or other food program
  5. Utilize best choices for nutrition

Mine extra:

  1. Having been an AmeriCorps volunteer (making less than $10,000 for two years in a row), I will not turn down free food EXCEPT when it would take food from our clients
  2. To be realistic, any spices or condiments in my possession prior to today can be used BUT none of the food
  3. I can drink coffee provided by my office
  4. I will allow friends to make or buy a meal occasionally IF it would have happened anyway. I will not create opportunities for friends to take care of me

I’m 6’ 4” and my starting weight is 200 lbs. I’ll share as much as Heather wants me to.