Planned Giving

At The Franciscan Center, we value the role our donors play in our success.  We know that supporting our mission is important to you, whether it is through making a gift now, or one we will receive in the future. Your planned gift will help us grow our endowment to create a sustainable funding source for all of our needs and provide the highest quality services for years to come.

There are a number of ways you can provide long-term support to our mission without taking away from your daily finances.  If you are considering making this special gift, please consider any one of the following options:

Will Bequest
A bequest is the simplest and easiest way to make a significant gift to The Franciscan Center after your lifetime. It offers flexibility because you can retain use of your assets now and make changes at any time to reflect your philanthropic and financial goals. There are multiple common forms of charitable bequests:

  • Cash: Designate a specific amount for The Franciscan Center.
  • Residuary Bequest: Direct all or a percentage of your estate to The Franciscan Center, after payment of cash bequests and estate-related expenses.
  • Bequest of Property: Direct a particular asset, such as real estate, securities, or tangible personal property, such as an antique or valuable art object, to The Franciscan Center.

Contact your legal advisor and use the following sample language in your Will to create a bequest to the Franciscan Center:
“I give and advise to the Franciscan Center, Inc., located at 101 W 23rd Street, Baltimore, MD 21218, tax ID 52-1164260, (the sum of $____) (a description of the specific asset) ( ____% of my residuary estate)”

Retirement Assets
Naming The Franciscan Center as a beneficiary of your retirement plan or IRA account is easy. Simply contact the administrator of your plan to obtain a Designation of Beneficiary Form and complete as directed.
Life Insurance
Donors who wish to use life insurance to support The Franciscan Center have two options:

    • The simplest way is to name the Franciscan Center as the beneficiary of the policy. This option is attractive because it reduces the donor’s estate by the amount of the death benefit. In addition, this type of gift offers flexibility. If life circumstances change, the donor can always make adjustments to the beneficiary designation.
    • Donors may also choose to gift the policy outright. Gifting a life insurance policy can reduce your taxable estate and yield a current income tax deduction of the policy’s fair market value. The Franciscan Center will receive the entire face amount of the policy upon the death of the insured.
Donors who wish to support The Franciscan Center while also providing for themselves or a beneficiary may wish to establish a charitable or non-charitable trust. This option is attractive because in some cases it reduces the amount of the donor’s estate. Three common forms of trusts are Charitable Lead Trusts, Charitable Remainder Trusts or non-charitable Trusts.

      • Charitable Lead Trusts: A charitable lead trust is designed to generate an income stream to The Franciscan Center during the life of the trust, with the remaining assets going to the donor or beneficiaries. Donors may choose the term of the trust as well as the payout to The Franciscan Center.
      • Charitable Remainder Trusts: A charitable remainder trust is also designed to benefit both The Franciscan Center and named beneficiaries, but works in the opposite way of the Charitable Lead Trust. A Charitable Remainder Trust provides income to a current beneficiary who is either the donor or a named individual. The beneficiary can receive either a fixed amount or a percentage of the value of the trust each year, for a period of years, or for the individual’s life. At the end of the period, the remainder goes to The Franciscan Center.
      • Non-Charitable Trusts: Donors can also create a non-charitable Trust under whatever terms they desire and leave a Bequest to The Franciscan Center in the same manor as a Will Bequest.

General Information

Name: Franciscan Center, Inc.
Address: 101 W 23rd Street, Baltimore, MD 21218
Tax ID: 52-1164260

We recommend consulting with your legal, financial or tax advisor when making charitable gifts.

Donors who make a planned gift to The Franciscan Center are invited to join the Circle of Saint Francis – Legacy Society.

To learn more about the ways you can directly support our mission for years to come, please contact Benjamin Trently, Development and Communications Manager, at 410-467-5340 x117 or

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