Culinary Services

What We Offer

Dining Program

On a typical day 400 to 600 people visit the Franciscan Center to enjoy a healthy prepared meal created form fresh ingredients. In 2019 we served over 130,000 meals. This year, we have provided over 200,000 meals since the onset of the COVID epidemic, alone! [Inside “Clare’s Kitchen” the culinary team provides a nutritious meal M-F and on Tues, Wed night.

Pantry Bags

In addition to the prepared food we serve through our dining program, we provide pantry bags to members of the community on an as-needed basis and fresh produce at regularly scheduled intervals.

These bags are designed to provide three full meals for three people for three days, supplementing the food budget for people with limited resources for groceries. As part of our focus on healthy meals,  we have begun sourcing more whole grains, lower-sodium canned foods, and fewer products with sugar added. We have also been able to include fresh vegetables in season, and eggs and milk as they are available to us.

We partner with the Maryland Food Bank to serve as an access point for bi-monthly no-cost produce distribution.

Community Food Partners

Our work is not possible without the nourishing ingredients we obtain through generous partners including those listed below.

  • Agrimex Product
  • Compass/Bank of America
  • Costco
  • Eddie’s of Roland Park
  • First Fruits Farm
  • Giant Food Stores
  • Graul’s Market
  • Hungry Harvest
  • Little Portion Farm
  • Maryland Food Bank
  • MOM’s Organic Market
  • The 6th Branch
  • Wegman’s Food Markets
  • Whole Foods

Dignity Plates

We all eat with our eyes.

The Culinary Team believes that our effort to create beautiful plates helps convey our recognition of the inherent dignity of each person who receives our food.

The Dignity Plates Training Academy is currently recruiting for its next cohort expected to begin on February 5th. If interested please follow the link below for an application.  

Click here for a PDF version.

Click here for an online application